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Kathy Maguire

Youth Officer

Amanda Stewart

Youth Participation Co-ordinator

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Lyndsey Mann

Youth Participation Co-ordinator

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Central Office (Belfast)

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The Youth Department team works hard to provide a diverse range of services to our members and the wider sector. This includes participation in key policy and planning groups, and youth led research and consultation.

Through this work, we contribute directly to the development of best practice services for young people who are at risk of or vulnerable due to homelessness.

Working in partnership with statutory and voluntary sector agencies, on our members’ behalf, we continue participation in and facilitation of a range of policy and planning groups. Some of these are listed below.


Through this ongoing engagement with decision makers and commissioners, we directly influence policy and practice. As such, we have ensured that the needs of those organisations who support young people - and the young people themselves - are considered in planning and service delivery.

Recently, this has included contributing directly to the development of draft standards for young people’s supported accommodation services, and assisted in the implementation implementation of a regional practice framework to ensure that vulnerable young people receive a service that meets their housing and support needs.

As well as representation, the Youth department, through the work of the Youth Homelessness Officer, works hard to represent the views of our members, and the young people they support, to decision makers in other ways. This includes fostering good releationships with decision makers, including those in Government; and the development of regular policy papers and consultation responses.


For queries about the Youth Department’s policy and representation work, please contact Kathy Maguire, Youth Homelessness Officer. Contact details below


The team has strong experience in conducting and commissioning youth-led, participatory research. Not only have we recently worked closely with notable research organisations like the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Heriot Watt University, and York University, but we have ensured that young people are central in the research process.

We will continue produce and commission research to meaningfully inform our work, and to ensure ongoing improvement of youth homelessness services.

The Youth Department continues to develop, inform, and produce resources for young people, and those who provide them services. As with all our activities, we strive to meaningfully involve young people in the development of these resources.


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For general queries, queries relating to the work of the youth department, please contact Kathy Maguire, Youth Homelessness Officer.

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